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You have the right not to worry about any nuances. And to be more precise: not to worry about legal nuances. IS Business is a guidebook which will help us select the right way for your company in the twists and turns of applicable provisions of law.

You have the right not to worry about law.

Justification: if there is a person who knows legal nuances and follows changes in law by your side, you can sleep soundly.

Within the IS Business service we take care of formal and legal aspects of the functioning of your company. We are able to ensure ongoing legal service also in the corporate area, and support at each stage of establishing a new company, the process of merging companies, their transformation or liquidation.

IS Business in three sentences:

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    Ongoing legal service,

    including legal and corporate service of companies and representation of companies in registered proceedings

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    Establishing, merging, creating branches,

    division, liquidation and transformation of companies

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    Sales and purchase of shares (stocks) of companies

IS Business means many years of knowledge and experience of lawyers cooperating with us and specializing in service of large, medium and smaller companies. Our knowledge translates into your confidence – confidence that the company is professionally secured also concerning compliance of its operations with the law.

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