About us


We know and understand private banking Clients. As part of Secure Invest, however, we wish to give you something more; we want to become an answer to a variety of financial and organizational needs. With us, you just stop being Clients and become the most important part of the Family Office Secure Invest.

We are a member of:

Kornel Dybul

President of the Management Board

An investor with many years of experience. For eight years he has been advising Customers in the field of capital investments. An active investor, creator of effective investment portfolios, he has numerous publications and appearances at conferences (e.g. WallStreet) under his belt. He believes that one must create success on their own instead of waiting for it sitting on one’s hands. He believes that safety of assets is the most important aspect in cooperation with Family Office Customers. On a daily basis he also makes sure that safety goes hand in hand with attractive profits from investments.

Radosław Boniecki

Vice President of the Management Board

An entrepreneur and manager with 16 years of experience in creating, managing and supervising financial companies in Poland and abroad. He successfully managed companies such as Getin Holding SA, Idea Leasing and Carcade Rosja. He is aware that people constitute the most important element to achieve success. With the Invest Secure team he uses his broad experience to ensure high service quality.

Beata Dąbrowska

Business Development Manager

For 8 years, she actively listens and responds to the needs of customers, helping them to grow efficently and shape their business. She was practicing the awareness and the ability to predict market reactions in the London’s City and Canary Wharf. However, domestic market is what attracts her most. She believes that by working hard, perseverance and commitment – you can achieve a lot, all you need to do is want it very much.

Tomasz Duda, CFA

Investment Portfolio Manager

A licensed Investment advisor (license no. 522 issued by the Financial Supervision Commission). He specializes in evaluation of investment projects, audits, financial analyses and business development. He conducts scientific research in the field of effectiveness of investment strategies. His priorities include in-depth analysis and strong investment foundations supported by statistics and mathematics. Thanks to them he can effectively co-manage investors’ capital. At Invest Secure he follows financial markets and assesses the level of safety of investments analysed for Customers on a daily basis. He believes that investment attractiveness consists most of all of repeatability of results in combination with effective risk management.

Agata Kurowska

Office Manager

At Invest Secure she is responsible for organizational workflow. In practice she focuses on relationships. She invests in them as they constitute the foundation of effective communication and a key binder between customers and the company. Thanks to her involvement in various tasks, she successfully implements Customers’ goals, improving cooperation at all levels.