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We all love paying taxes, but we love not paying taxes even more. We create plans of legal and tax options for you with our advisors.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes? Quite possibly. However, the amount of the taxes – not necessarily. We take into account changes in the law and monitor the existing and emerging tax and legal options that allow tax optimisation for the indicated assets.

We work with the best experts in tax consultancy, who specialize not only in the law being in force in Poland but also in selected tax-favourable countries all over the world. By combining tax options with investment options, we develop a portfolio of activities that not only lets you increase your wealth but also limits the obligations that you need to pay from it.

IS Optimum in three sentences:

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    Constant analysis of legal developments

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    Different directions and methods of tax law optimisation

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    Co-operation with tax advisors

Tax optimisation carried out by Invest Secure is a combination of lawful activities that reduce the taxes paid and investing that decreases the basis for taxation. In short: we invest in business, not in taxes.

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