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IS Charity Service

If you see a need to engage your personal capital or the enterprise’s resources in charity – we will help you translate this need into real actions which will not only become added value for the brand, but also bring satisfaction from helping others.

Current business is an image, and this image means responsibility. Also – social responsibility. It is not accidental that entrepreneurs, such as Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA), Bill Gates or Henry Ford, established foundations which they sign with their own names up until today.

Within IS Charity we advise you how to select the organizational form of the planned charity activities and later – to establish and run such activities. We will help you design sponsorship agreements and make donations.

IS Charity in three sentences:

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    Assistance in establishing and running a foundation

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    Assistance in entering into sponsorship agreements

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    Assistance in making donations

IS Charity is a social responsibility of business hidden under its wings. It is confidence that the organization fulfils all legal requirements and that all formal and legal matters are run well.

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