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IS Statue Service

Advising you and representing your interests, we strive to be efficient, but also to do it with dignity and responsibility. Therefore, we respect professional ethics as much as knowledge of law.

IS Statue is supporting families in the area of civil and legal relations, family law and labour law as well as representing family interests in relations with third parties.

Within IS Statue we will advise you in the field of civil and legal relations within family law and labour law. We will also represent your interests (based on powers of attorney granted to us) in proceedings and legal activities as well as in supervisory bodies of entities in which you are shareholders or stockholders.

IS Statue in six sentences:

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    Representation in supervisory boards

    and at meetings of shareholders and general meetings of shareholders

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    Ensuring representation in court and administration proceedings,

    including support in recovery of claims and compensation

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    Representation in legal actions based

    on powers of attorney granted to us

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    Support in the process of designing

    and negotiating agreements with third parties

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    in family and employment matters

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    Support in selection of

    insurance/loan/leasing offers and in the process of implementing information obligations towards public companies

Within IS Statue you gain confidence that it is not only our specialized knowledge of law that will always be on your side. Impeccable manners of Invest Secure and competencies which will help in making adequate decisions, thanks to which your legal safety will increase, are also on your side.

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