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IS Legacy Service

Securing the transfer of assets from one generation to another under any circumstances is more than reasonable – it is essential.

It is not silence, but stability that is golden. IS Legacy means confidence that your assets will go to the right hands. It also means comfort of maintaining continuity of managing the company in the case of random events.

It means creating various succession scenarios for the organization; also developing a plan to take over management of the company by trusted executors of the will until the heir comes to age or prepares to take over strictly business obligations.

IS Legacy in three sentences:

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    Planning generational succession of assets,

    including regulation of succession in family relationships in a way securing continuity of business activities

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    Support in preparation of donations, wills,

    including debt collection records, substitutions, orders, appointing executors of wills, executing wills

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    Support in preparation of the so-called family constitutions

    …or other solutions in the scope of family order.

IS Legacy is more than stability. It is confidence that your assets will go to the right hands; regardless of what they consist of. IS Legacy is a complete legal and advisory service which in the case of random events will ensure financial and inheritance security to the family.

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