IS Concierge Service

More time for really important things. For example, for a walk in beautiful weather. We know how valuable your time is, and we take care of it by organizing daily and special conveniences in virtually any situation.

Earning a wealth is half a success. The second half is making the time to the use this wealth. As part of IS Concierge, we provide our clients access to additional services that make it easier to e.g. take care of formal issues related to their assets, as well as purely organisation services that are helpful in on everyday basis and also during holidays.

Regardless of whether you need to complete and submit documentation on time, order a tailor or get tickets to a prestigious concert – we will arrange it for you. Together with Invest Secure, you get access to a variety of conveniences for matters that require not only time but also contacts and creativity.

IS Concierge in three points:

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    Dramatic time savings

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    Organisation of hard-to-get tickets, invitations and travels

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    Checking formalities, documentation and other organisational issues

Concierge Invest Secure is a fast call for convenience; both in daily and occasional matters. We will be as happy to arrange a purchase of a work of art or search through an unusual set of travel offers and ways to spend your free time. Have a good rest.

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