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You show us your direction and goals – this is enough for us. We follow the markets, create an investment plan, provide analyses in any way and advice you how to achieve your goals.

Safe investing of your savings is the real wealth. Wealth worth more than the number of zeroes summarising it on your bank account. Your wealth may be accompanied by calm and certainty that the accumulated capital will protect your family for years or even generations.

As part of the service IS Finance, we develop analyses, portfolios, reports and summaries of current trends in any indicated financial market sector. We quickly notice and evaluate attractive investment opportunities that are compatible with the strategy prepared for you specifically. You just indicate the objective of the investment or wealth security; we calculate everything safely to achieve this objective.

IS Finance in three sentences:

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    Top quality financial advice

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    Precision analysis and recommendations for the investment objectives identified by you

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    Freedom in selection of the way of transferring the results of our work

IS Finance is the knowledge and long-term experience in working with a large scale capital. With us, your assets are invested not only on the basis of individual strategy but also on the basis of the know-how of the group of the best specialists in Poland.

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