What is Family Office


It is a concept of cooperation based on close relationships which involves representation of the interests of the Customer and their family at various financial levels and levels related to finance (legal, tax, business).

Implementation of the assumed goals (e.g. securing of assets) is ensured by: complete independence of Family Office, the model of remuneration based on a success fee and responsibility for implementation of the goals.

Family Office is like an airport that brings together all the routes of the world of finances. Invest Secure is like a competent airport personnel who knows where to direct their passengers so that they can save time and money.

More down-to-earth comparisons: Family Office is often called a wealth management offer. The latter name reflects the core idea of good asset management but ignores the close relations with the person who chooses to trust us on this issue.

And these relations are no less important than analyses based on a high level of knowledge. When we meet you, we also get to know your preferences and expectations and thus can give you easier and more accurate recommendations for courses of action.

Technically, Family Office is a set of comprehensive financial and finance-related services.

They combine action packages that on one hand help you protect your capital and pass it on from one generation to another, and on the other hand – help you invest it efficiently, reducing the amount of paid taxes. Concisely: our goal is to make more profits and generate less costs.

Let us not deceive ourselves. Family Office is not for everyone. It is an offer for the chosen. We invite you to this group.

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